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Women's Therapy

                Focus on Women



One common emotion that underlies problems with relationships and sexuality is shame:  shame about the inability to form intimate connections and/or a lack of sexual pleasure.

In the approach I have developed, called HonestEmotions, we go to the source of the shame and liberate what’s been holding it in place. A mind-body approach to free up unexpressed emotions and create clarity, relief, and a new start.


A prevalent emotion that drives eating disorders is self-hatred:  “Why can’t I just stop eating—what’s wrong with me that I gorge myself and then have to starve?”  

Release the frustration and despair through a deep emotional and physical connection to yourself.  Learn a process of welcoming self-love, of turning negative self-talk into radical self-acceptance. It then becomes possible to have a balanced, relaxed relationship with your food.



The fear of pursuing the right career path goes hand in hand with how you put yourself down.

Example: “I don’t have what it takes.”

I provide a safe space where you can move through the fear that's holding you back, and get clarity about the limiting beliefs holding that fear in place. In this way you find the courage and confidence to take the steps toward a satisfying professional life.


I originally came to Marjorie because I thought I was going to have to go to a nunnery!  

I thought that sexual relationships and just relationships with men were not available to me.  In the mind-body connection I made with the history of my growing up I felt the origin of how hard it had been for me to connect with others without getting lost in their lives.  I worked on loving myself and letting someone in my life who was able to love me just as much and also respect my autonomy.  Now I am in a loving relationship that far exceeds what I thought was possible.  I can love us both and have my own life.  And that's also where Marjorie has helped me to stand up for myself--in my creativity and my career!





Marjorie’s HonestEmotions approach helped me find the courage and right language to say no to a toxic work environment.  This is a result of the intense emotional work with Marjorie.  After three sessions with her I experienced unbelievable confidence in myself, the confidence to do what I had been afraid to do for so long--quit my toxic job!  Immediately after, and for the first time in my life, I found two jobs where people appreciate me across the board!  The big change in how I function at work is I'm allowing myself to recognize the contribution I make and that I don't have to know everything.


Working with Marjorie has helped me open doors within myself to create numerous positive life-changes and acceptance of my true self, leading to a happier more authentic me.  I literally saw how I didn't have any space for myself in my home with my husband and small child.  I went home with a deep sense of deserving a space just for me and I made a sacred space for my artistry and my work!  I felt exhilarated and stronger with more self-confidence.  Marjorie is incredibly intuitive, sensing out what will help move energy and invite creative solutions. I love that she speaks with wisdom, sensitivity and humour when we are working together. I thank her especially for leading me to the rediscovery of the gift of my feminine power!




I really needed to stop what I was doing with yet another man in my life!  I was giving and giving and getting very little back in return.   Marjorie taught me how to connect with my body and listen to my deep feminine knowing.   Through identifying the old pattern of "I don't matter" and expressing a lot of old anger and grief I felt the liberation of "my needs do matter!"  This wasn't just a good idea but something that was a full body experience.  What surprised me was that I was able to accomplish this by my second session!  I could let go of this man and feel good about myself.  I feel alive with my new ability to listen to and acknowledge my needs.  I feel a new confidence I can be in relationships where I am seen and appreciated with mutual giving and receiving.


Working with Marjorie helped me enormously. I no longer need to view who I am essentially with being an abused child, because I moved through all the emotions. Being an abused person is no longer my identity. 


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