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Marjorie Oberman

About Marjorie


My practice of psychotherapy began in New York City in 1984 after graduate school and post-graduate clinical training in the Contextual Approach, or effective short-term psychotherapy.  In the past 30 years I have developed expertise on the particular challenges women face in our society, participating in many workshops and groups which empower women to find fulfillment in relationships, in their careers, and in their contentment with themselves and with life. 


During one of these workshops, in 1988, I declared my intention to find the partner who would support me in realizing my dreams and living my full potential.  I did not forsee that this partner would be a Frenchman and I would move to France in 1989! I knew I was choosing this man whom I eventually married but I was not aware at the time how I was also choosing a whole new destiny—learning a new language, a new culture, being of service on this side of the Atlantic to both ex-pats and to the French.

My work in the Paris area includes decades of helping women and students studying abroad with individual psychotherapy.  I also offer a one-day workshop for mother and daughter called "Mother-Daughter Power!"  After many years of facing the issues of my intercultural couple I created "Relationship Reset," a 3-hour intensive to learn new ways of dialoguing and effective ways of expressing emotions.  I have found that this approach works well not only for couples but also for siblings, parents and adult children, close friends and business partners.

Why do I call my work HonestEmotions Therapy?  As a therapist I have always engaged in what I call emotion coaching, or coaching people to listen deeply to and accept feelings that have been buried or rejected.  Your emotions are a profound source of wisdom when you connect to them in your body.  Expanding beyond talk therapy to include where you can feel these emotions physically can be a tremendous source of freedom and the pathway to liberating old patterns that no longer serve your life.  Connecting the mind with where you feel emotions in your body radically improves the effectiveness of psychotherapy and often in short periods of time you can find openings, solutions for old stuck problems, and a new zest for life.


Education and Training

Certification in Feminine Power Transformative Leadership.
2 years Post-Graduate Training in the Contextual Approach to Psychotherapy.
C.S.W., License, State of New York.

M.S.W., Masters, Hunter College School of Social Work, City University of New York. 
B.A., University of Pennsylvania, cum laude.

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