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The relationship between sisters is a powerful connection.

Like any relationship, it needs attention and care in order to flourish.

Often, the energy of this relationship is 

undeveloped or even broken.


Strengthening the bonds between sisters can unleash a healing force that extends throughout the family, to friends, and to the earth itself.

The relationship between sisters can be critical in determining how women function in the world--for example, in how we compete, cooperate, and deal with conflict, and even shape expectations of others. Optimally, sisters defend each another against outsiders and have each other's back. Things go awry when unresolved conflict gets buried and we eventually separate. 


This 5-hour workshop takes place over three weeks, with one hour the first week, then two 2-hour sessions the following weeks. In this time sisters connect profoundly--even after years of emotional separation or across oceans that keep them apart. The workshop teaches each participant effective communication to hear the other in a deeper way and have compassion and acceptance for differences.






Rose: I feel a lot better of what I could let go about leaving the US and moving overseas.  I want to find this space of sisters as an ongoing recovery mission--so no one drifts off into the ocean on their own. 

Ren :  I feel more balanced because up until now I have often dumped my issues on my younger sister. Today her giving me some of her weight makes me feel more in equilibrium.  We're all holding up this table together..

Madison:  I think it's great that we know better how to listen to each other because not being able to is a trait we don't want to carry on from mom.

Rose in France, Ren and Madison in America


Hannah: We came to see Marjorie because I wanted to help my sister process her pregnancy loss. What I didn't expect was that Marjorie would call out our "breakup" of ten years ago, and then help us release years of built-up emotion and silence. Talking about what happened has cleared so much space for honesty and intimacy between my sister and me! In the 3 sessions we covered decades of our relationship with a sense of flow and ease I've never experienced with another therapist. We released resentment toward our mother.  After that my sister could take in my support in her own journey to motherhood. The workshop was deeply healing, intense and fun. Thank you, Marjorie! 

Anne: I am jealous of all the other sisters who get to take this workshop!  Almost immediately Marjorie helped us clear “the elephant in the room;” I felt better and so much closer to my sister. A huge weight has been lifted not only from mine and my sister’s relationship, but in my own personal life too. I feel better equipped now to handle my life problems and more comfortable to talk about touchy subjects with other family members. I thought I had a secure relationship with my sister, but now our relationship is solid as a rock.  


Hannah and Anne in Canada


My sister and I participated in a Sister’s Workshop after a year's silence between us. We didn't know how to navigate our way back to the shores of the loving sibling relationship we'd known so well. We learned effective techniques, to end the deadlock, to put a stop to going around in circles and to communicate productively.  Marjorie was our shining captain, lighting the way!  


Penelope in France and Melanie in America.

Marjorie’s workshop for sisters was both surprising and enlightening! We learned new things about what was causing some of our issues and also, very importantly, techniques in how to break bad patterns of communication. Marjorie quickly honed in on what was causing our problems and did not let up on us when we fell back into familiar and unproductive ways of interacting. Thank you!!! We now have some better tools and a better understanding to move forward.


Sister in Paris, Sister in Prague

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