It is my great privilege to share this lifetime of a learning with a mother and daughter who choose to participate in a 5-hour workshop that takes place over three weeks, with one hour the first week, then two 2-hour sessions the following weeks.




The intensive freed up so much tension. We are so much more relaxed together. I have renewed trust and no longer feel I have to hide my feelings as my mother and I have a new level of emotional comfort between us.


American student, Sorbonne, with mother from USA




My relationship with my mom completely transformed. It went from her trying to contain me to where she began to celebrate my spirit of adventure. It went from being fear based to embracing me and meeting me where I was at instead of me having to be smaller to make her comfortable.


We both wrote old and new contracts. Hers was:


OLD CONTRACT : You can only do what I can protect. You have to stay close to me or I can't protect you. You can only do what I know.

NEW CONTRACT: I celebrate my daughter's spirit of adventure and I allow it to inspire me to do things I'd be afraid to do or that are not in my control. I agree to all of this in the spirit of being more alive.


We then had adventures where my mother who was "afraid of everything" was able to go to countries where she didn't speak the language. She no longer HAD to keep me safe. Now she could tap into her own spirit of adventure.


In the Intensive I learned to ask for what I needed from my mom and now I can do it in other relationships that are important to me.

American study abroad student, Berkeley, with mother from USA







Marjorie’s workshop, "Mother-Daughter Power!" lives up to its name. Before the workshop, my mom and I had very rarely discussed the loss of a close relative that occured before I was born. She was surprised to learn how her loss had affected me at a very young age, at how a little girl could sense her mother's grief. Since the workshop with Marjorie, where I was safe to cry these unshed tears, I feel less alone and liberated! Mom and I are more comfortable to talk about the past and with this ease between us I am also more comfortable being my own person and making my own decisions.   

French mother and daughter (mother of two small children)


The mother : Marjorie suggested I bring in my daughters for a day-long intensive to have their support in resolving my loss of sense of self. It was extraordinary how my daughters helped me see that the loss of my relationship with my mother was at the source of it. Now I'm feeling stronger in myself. Feeling the support of my daughters, feeling I can ask for help. Feeling loved. For once, I’m asking for help and the girls are more sensitive in offering to help and taking on more responsibility. They're insisting they deal with it rather than me just doing it.

What’s possible for me now is having a greater awareness of my feelings and expressing them rather than bottling everything up. I feel freer. There’s more energy, a lot more energy.


The daughters : We’re having constructive, meaningful conversations. Mom is standing up for herself more and talking more. She's got more pep in her step!

And we feel no longer over-protected. We’re empowered to think differently about ourselves, to see ourselves in a way that is more affirming.


Mother from Paris and her two daughters, students in USA

This is Relationship Reset even deeper because the mother-daughter connection is foundational.  For women it is often the source of all other relationships, including the one you have with yourself.

The workshop proposes: clearing the maternal line with ancestral healing;  learning how to communicate in ways that foster closeness and also create good boundaries; dealing with conflict; living the experience of how body image is passed down from mother to daughter.  It supports mother and daughter to presence themselves in the world with authentic confidence.


Mother-Daughter Power!