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Focus on Men

Men's Therapy

Men are just as emotional as women.  However, they express their emotions differently.


For so long, men have heard phrases like “big boys don’t cry” to discourage the natural expression of sadness. Likewise, many men are afraid of expressing anger out of a belief that it will lead inevitably to violence. These societal attitudes have suppressed men and made them fearful of allowing any emotion.  

HonestEmotions Therapy enables men to find acceptance for their way of connecting to their emotions. HonestEmotions Therapy will guide you to own and fully communicate what you’re feeling and take that newfound expression into the world.



I searched for a long time to find a therapist who would help me connect with my emotions.  Marjorie is the one who taught me how to do this. Although it’s easier for me to be emotionally vulnerable with a woman, Marjorie helped me realize that I need to connect with men.  I’ve had many therapists in the past and not one has said this. Marjorie is directive in a really supportive way. As in here’s what I hear from you and I want you to consider taking this path. She challenges me to recognize what I actually need to face in my life, even when I don’t want to hear it. Even though Marjorie has specialized in women she has a very deep understanding of men. We’re all part of a network of men and women. For me as a man, I felt seen and drawn out to expose what I never have exposed in therapy before.


Marjorie has taught me about the power of vulnerability to be more myself, more confident, and connect with others more deeply. In my view, Marjorie goes beyond traditional therapy; she’s an advocate for the people she works with. She’s on my side.


In our sessions, Marjorie has helped me to become grounded in my emotions and my physicality. She is the first professional with whom I’ve made this emotional body connection. The release is incredibly powerful. The work with Marjorie has been rich and rewarding. 


Eric, Administrator 


After 5 sessions with Marjorie, I am willing to face the fear and uncertainty of what kind of relationship I can have with a woman I Iove if I’m no longer the savior and the protector.

In the past I’ve felt a competition with male therapists. With Marjorie I felt I could deal with my relationships with women through being seen and cared for by a woman who understands men.  Marjorie provides more than a safe space for emotional expression.  For me it was a refuge from the world where I had to behave a “certain way” as a man.

Karl, Strategic Account Manager

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