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Couples Therapy: A New Approach


Results That Last


February 14, 2024


One year ago James and Camille, a married Canadian-French couple, contacted me for couples

therapy. They wanted to stop arguing, bickering, and fighting. They signed up for a one-month

intensive called Relationship Reset.

I interviewed them this month to see if the intensive “lasted.” Their immediate response was

YES! I asked them to tell me more.

James: Since doing Relationship Reset, whenever we have an argument, we use the tools to do our own “communication reset.”

Camille: It clears everything up. I don’t have any lingering resentment.

Marjorie: That's great. Which tools do you use?

James: We use the communication method you taught us. Camille is patient with me

and we take the time to do the exercise so that I know I’ve been deeply heard. I feel reassured.

For so long, I didn’t believe we could solve our disagreements. But now we can.

Camille: We stay with it until we get to the source of the upset. Then the conflict is resolved instead of staying angry for days! What a relief!

Marjorie: Do you respect each other more now?

Camille: Yes, we do. James is always willing to do the exercises we learned during Relationship Reset. Most of the time, he initiates them! It feels great that he’s as committed to the relationship as I am. Marjorie, when we get overheated your couples therapy helps us lower the temperature.

James: Before the intensive, all we did was go around in circles about who was right and who was wrong. Our lives felt wild and out of control. The tools we learned help us talk to each other like adults.


Marjorie: Tell me how you’ve used the emotional release approach that we practiced during the

one-month intensive.


James: I was carrying a lot of tension and bad feelings from a past relationship. I didn't know how to let go of all that. But doing the emotional release work in a safe space helped me be present with Camille, the woman I love.

Marjorie: Wow, that’s powerful. Were there any other breakthroughs?

James: I noticed we would argue right after visiting Camille’s family. The visits were too much and too often for me. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them, which Camille initially thought. But there was a limit to the amount of time I wanted to spend with them. Once we sat down to do a reset we came up with a way to be with Camille's family for the right amount of time for both of us.

Camille: Once we got to the source of the problem, we could let go of the resentment. I never thought we could resolve this issue. Now, I feel that nothing can

defeat us because we have these tools.

James: Yes, the other day, Camille reminded me I used to say, “if that happens I’m outta here!” Now, I say if we ever slip up in a major way, we’ll go back to Marjorie!

Marjorie: What would you like to say to other couples about Relationship Reset?

Camille: To couples considering Relationship Reset: we liked this approach because it was fast. In one month, we had the tools we could use forever. Couples therapy that goes on for months was NOT FOR ME!

James: I know some people need to be in therapy for a longer time. But if you want freedom from the daily conflicts of being a couple, then this new approach is for you.

Camille: To other couples who’ve done the intensive: Keep using the tools. You need them for life! And there’s one more thing. This workshop was perfect for who we are. We’re achievers. We want to get things done. We want to reset and get on with our lives and create harmony in our relationship. That’s what we did.

Marjorie: Thanks so much, Camille and James. Good luck going forward!

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