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Relationship Reset

a new approach to couples therapy

*see BLOG One Year Later, James and Camille*











What will you experience?


  • The safety to express what you thought you couldn't say.

  • A deeper understanding of your differences to heal the disconnect or the breach of trust.

  • An innovative mind-body approach in which your emotions help you get to the root of the issue and create an opening for healthy autonomy and deeper bonds. 

Why Relationship Reset?


In Relationship Reset, individuals work together to resolve issues that threaten an intimate relationship. I create a non-judgmental space where we focus on communication breakdowns. I make it safe for each person to speak truthfully and listen to the truth of the other. With my support you can achieve insight into your deepest feelings and reset your relationship for greater trust and more open communication.   This intensive is offered over 5 hours and 3 weeks.  It consists of one hour the first week and two 2-hour sessions the following weeks.






We had begun to argue much more than usual, tension was extremely high and our patience was running thin. It was very difficult to approach issues because it seemed that there was so much pressure behind them that  explosions were inevitable. With Marjorie's expert guidance and great ear for what's beneath the tension, we have now learned to effectively communicate our emotions without blaming the other. Since the reset, conversations that would have likely ended in arguments have ended up bringing us towards greater harmony. Although we were already quite good communicators, this reset has given us invaluable tools to move deeper in trust, love and understanding.

Canadian husband and French wife

Marjorie created a safe place for us to approach areas within ourselves that were unapproachable. We started with a lot of fear and hurt and she used effective methods that helped us bring that out in healthy ways. We learnt so much about ourselves and each other. We were given very simple but effective tools to improve our communication in our day to day lives. We can't recommend her enough."


English–French Couple

Wife:  We saw in the Relationship Reset how important the right way of communication is for the marriage. Men and women can  look differently at the same situation. I experienced this difference as a need to defend my point of view.  I was defending against what he was saying, not actually listening to him.

I learned from the workshop to practice restating what my husband says.  I see that brings more compassion and more understanding for both of us. It is not always possible to use this technique, but when we use it, it really works!  It changes the energy right away because we stop judging each other.

Husband:  We have a new tool of communication.  To get a message from her.  To feel she got my message.  Very powerful to feel the other clearly heard me,  whether or not we agree. There's a lot to do but I have a lot of hope.”

Central Asian-French couple

Resentments in our communication had built up during the years of our marriage.  We weren't able to fully speak about subjects that were bothering us.  In our attempt to have conversations to work things out we would just get stuck and frustrated.

Big topics for us when we came to see Marjorie were being kinder to one another and being close, physically and emotionally.

During the Relationship Reset we each had revelations or "eureka moments!"  We realized things about ourselves in relationship we hadn't seen before.  Marjorie taught us how to release emotion in a non-judgmental way, to just let it go and then feel freer to connect.  We also left having learned how to mirror one another.  We've used this tool on an ongoing basis.  It's helped us to develop more empathy for each other.  

We have both become more open and vulnerable in our relationship.  On a daily basis we are much more able to be emotionally supportive without strings attached.  And also on a practical level we're both doing a lot more to support each other without resentment.  Even getting rid of the clutter in our apartment!

Without knowing anything about Relationship Reset we were astonished at what we could accomplish in 3 hours!  Marjorie is challenging in a way we've never experienced before which allows us to go further than we thought possible.  We were sceptical about what we could really accomplish in 3 hours based on past therapies when we had hour long sessions every week and were just plodding along.  Relationship Reset was a transformational experience, breaking us out of old patterns and assumptions about ourselves and each other.  


American-Eastern European couple



We came to see Marjorie out of the despair of trust having broken down in our relationship after our two years together.  We were both jealous: he couldn't stand the attention she received from other men, she felt humiliated by the attention he gave other women.  

Two sessions of Relationship Reset - and our willingness - was what it took to restore a relationship that now makes us happier than either of us thought possible. Marjorie helped us achieve that extra understanding of ourselves and of each other that has made us stronger and able to focus on our enjoying every day.  A much better way to live!


Australian-Argentinian couple



Couples Therapy

Who is welcome?


Partners or spouses

Parent and adult child


Close friends

Business partners

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